Saturday, August 7, 2010

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Since the beginning of time, the butterfly has captivated the wandering eye of the human race. Its wonderful colors fluttering with the utmost of grace is enough to ensnare ever the most passive of interests. That’s why it would not be so surprising to find the emergence of the butterfly tattoo as one of the most popular tattoos in the planet, or in this case our skin.The increased interest in Butterfly tattoos come from ancient Greek mythology where the butterfly is said to house human souls on its way to the Elysian Fields or Hades. The Irish also have similar beliefs that butterflies are human souls. This could have been a result of the Roman Colonization of Britain and subsequently Ireland. The mixture of cultures contributed to the growth of the legend.
This belief comes from the metamorphosis of the butterfly from egg, to larva, pupa, and finally, the beautiful butterfly. This mirrors the changes in a person’s life and all the struggles he or she had to go through. A butterfly represents the journey of a person through life.

Another reason that the butterfly is so popular is that it represents individuality among women. With the complicated color patterns of a butterfly we tend to believe that each one is individually created by God in his workshop. The same holds true for Butterfly Tattoos because there are hundred of design templates to choose from and it would be unlikely that a person may get a tattoo similar to another person out there.

Native American butterfly tattoos are meant to be carriers of good wishes while in Asia, a butterfly holds a different meaning. A butterfly tattoo in Asia would represent Happiness and Joy.

Now, a butterfly tattoo can differ significantly from one another. There are several ways that you can create a butterfly tattoo design. Rising in popularity, are designs using the tribal. This usually consists of thin wispy that form a silhouette of a butterfly.

Butterfly tattoos are also popular in the form of Americana Tattoos because of its cartoonish style. It shows the fun side of the bearer. More serious types of butterfly tattoos are portraits where designs are more commonly taken out of picture books and magazines. It can be done in black and white but it is more commonly represented in color for greater impact. In addition to stand alone butterfly tattoos, the butterfly often accompanies flower and vines incorporated in its design.

Some famous people have also fallen in love with the butterfly tat, this has only helped increased the popularity of this tattoo design. Drew Barrymore has exposed her butterfly tattoo underneath her belly button and more in the many pictorials she has made throughout her storied career. Like Drew Barrymore, Country Singer, Dolly Parton and Melissa Joan Hart of Sabrina Teenage Witch Fame has put on skin art of a butterfly on their breasts. However, Mariah Carrey might be the most appropriate tattoo of the lot because of the significance of the butterfly in her life. After all, her sixth album was called “Butterfly”.

If you are a girl, the butterfly is your ticket to sensuality and individuality. Choose the style, the location and you will be on your way to a truly awesome Butterfly Tattoo.