Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shocking Truth About Sexy Tattoo Designs!

What is up ladies? Are you looking for that perfect sexy tattoo design that has some sex appeal? Maybe you are looking for a sexy place for that tattoo and do not want to do the normal "tramp stamp" on the lower back. Good looking and sexy tattoo designs can be easy to find but first lets point out some of the best places for new ink.

The Hot Spots

Now I am a man and my wife has several tattoos so let me be the first to tell you where most if not all men think a tattoo looks sexy! Here are a the most recognized places for a sexy tattoo design:

Back of Neck: This gets me and my buddy's wild. When a women goes to lift up her hair for any reason and a tattoo is present.....this is great to see. For some reason, a tattoo and the bottom of women's neck is just sexy. Do not confuse the neck with a tattoo that is clear view like the side of the neck. That looks trashy! Surveys show that most men think that the neck is a very sexy part of the women' body. Enough said!

Upper Back: Just a few inches lower than the back of the neck. A sexy tattoo design here also turns on a lot of men. You want to be careful of placement however. I was at a wedding and the bridesmaid had a tattoo there and was not covered up. That was not so hot but most tats can be covered up with special skin cream for formal affairs. This is a great place if you want something a bit larger.

Hips/Pelvis: Yes, we all know this area is sexy. Getting a tattoo just below your belly but about 2-3 inches off from the center of the belly button is very hot. My wife has one here and it turns me on every time I see it. The hips are also a great place. If you leave it stick up just above the waist line and wear a low cut shirt in will defiantly turn some the good way.

Ankles: Any sexy tattoo design on the ankle or the top of the foot is hot. The only down side is again with the formal affairs. Nobody wants to see a 45 year old with a faded tattoo on her foot at a Christmas Party or Wedding. Skin creams and tattoo cover up cream can be applied to distract from the ink however.

Wrist: Very hot but would not recommend. Our receptionist at work has one hear and it is not very flattering when we have high priced clients come in. If you work at a bar or a factory where this is not a problem...go for it. If you have a professional job I would steer clear.

Thigh: Sexy tattoo designs here are great. Nothing gets a guy turned on when you have to lift up your shorts a bit to show off your new art. Most clothing will cover this up so no need to worry. When a swim suit is worn you better watch out for a busy night of guys flirting with you!

Side: My 3rd most favorite spot but watch out! Ouch! I have a tattoo here of my friend who had passed on. We always said we would be at each other's side so what better place to have a picture of him. This hurt and gave me tears but every person I have ever met who seen this gave my nothing but great compliments!