Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sexy Tattoos For Women - Rib Side, Foot and Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Who says that tats are only for men? A lot of women these days are now getting body arts. With so many sexy tattoos for women these days, it's quite easy to find the design that will suit your personality and requirements. Most women prefer to have their tats on the rib side, foot, and lower back. These are ideal body parts because the tats can't be easily seen unless the person reveals the body art.

Rib Side

If you're willing to undergo so much pain, the rib side tats are the way to go. If you choose to for a rib side tat, you need to pick a larger design. The tissues in this area are lesser so the pain can be unbearable. With a very large design, the session can take 1-2 days. Most women prefer a tat that starts on the lower stomach and extends to the rib side. You can choose designs with lively and vibrant colors.


Foot tats are also popular. Did you know that foot body inks don't last long as compared to the tats located in other parts of the body? This happens because a new tat should not be rubbed so you can't wear shoes or tight jeans. The healing process for foot tats is slower and the tattooing is really painful. There are times when infections can occur and if you have diabetes, you can't have a foot tat. The most popular designs are star, flower, and letter tats.

Lower Back

Women love lower back tats. The body arts make them a lot sexier since the shape of their body is enhanced. Female celebrities like Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie now have lower back tats. Still, you don't need to be a Hollywood star to get this body art. Find a great tribal design, butterfly, or any other design that suits your taste. You can download the printable tats and customize them. That way, you can have a unique tat that you can show off!

Sexy tattoos for women are more acceptable these days. The dawn of civilization has somehow diminished the popularity of body inks but in today's modern times, women are more open to tats. Get your very own body art and check out the available sexy tattoos for women online. Once you've customized a design, find a local body artist with a good reputation. Show your design and pick an ideal spot for the tat.