Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Popular Tribal Tattoo Flash Designs

Choosing an ideal tribal tattoo flash design seems to be so easy. But for a newbie this will surely need some time especially when there are many options to choose from. If you are in this position, it is recommendable to select from popular tribal tattoo flash designs instead of just randomly browsing through the net or checking out magazines and catalogs at the tattoo studio.

Here are some of the most popular among the many tribal tattoo flash designs:

(1) Cross

One of the top favorites among tattoo enthusiasts is the cross because it is very symbolic and can be used in various themes. People who have tribal cross tattoos have various reasons such as expression of faith, to remember a departed loved one, to symbolize hope and many others. Gothic and Celtic tribal tattoo flash designs are two of the most popular themes that use the cross extensively.

(2) "Ta Moko" also known as Maori tattoo

The Maori in New Zealand are of Polynesian descent and they are known for their rich culture which includes the tradition of permanently marking their skins. "Ta Moko" is different from regular tattoo because its process includes carving the skin using chisels or "uhi" which leaves the skin with rough textured grooves. Modern tattoo artists mimic the style and technique of the Maori by using modern-day equipment.

(3) Dragon

Many people, especially the guys, often go for a tattoo design that symbolizes strength and power, which is why the dragon is among the favorites. This mystical creature has been represented in various styles, but if you want to emphasize what it symbolizes it's best to go for the tribal style.

(4) Love

There are many ways to represent love if you want this to be inked onto your skin. There are tribal text styles which you can use in expressing messages to your loved one. Hearts, flowers and kisses are just three of the more common visualizations of love and they are all popular especially to the younger generations.

(5) Angel

A tribal angel inked onto the chest, back or arm is a great representation of one's faith or a belief that there is someone guarding them from harm. People who have angel tattoos may have varying opinions, but the most common is that angels are universally popular because they are aesthetically and symbolically pleasing.

(6) Flower

There are women who love being tattooed with tribal flowers because this symbolizes their femininity but with an edge. And this design is quite popular among younger female artists and clients.

(7) Butterfly

Similar to the flower tattoos, butterflies are among the women's favorites. Often combined with flowers, the butterfly is a great symbol of change or metamorphosis, as well as beauty.

With several options, you will be able to make a decision in no time. Visualize the result in your mind prior to your search of tribal tattoo flash designs on the net. And always remember to ask the artist's opinion especially when it comes to the actual design that you will put on paper and then onto your skin.