Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cool Tattoo Design - What You Need to Know Before Getting One

Having chosen a cool tattoo design, you are now, I'm willing to bet, very much excited and thrilled to just rush out and got to a tattoo artist's studio and finally do it: get a tattoo. While I understand the excitement of getting a tattoo, I seriously think it would be wise if you read this article until the last line. Who knows? It may get you thinking about some things.

I am not against people getting tattoos. Being born in a family who are very artistically inclined, I understand and I am in fact, all for self expression and I look at tattoos as works of art. However, I see a lot of people who are so hyped about getting tattoos only to realize later on that they do not want to have the tattoos in the end and would then spend thousands of dollars to undergo painful procedures of getting the tattoo removed. It is a waste of time, money and an artist's hard work.

Getting a cool tattoo design permanently inked on any part of your body is ONE. BIG. DECISION. This is something that would stay with you for the rest of your life - unless, of course you decide you do not want the tattoo after all. And mind you, there are actual studies that show that around forty percent of the people who get tattoos later on regret having it done in the first place. What a bummer!

Since I am pretty sure that you do not want to see yourself included in that forty percent statistic, here are some of the things that you need to know and understand before you go out and get one cool tattoo design a permanent part of your body:

* Decide (and stick to the decision you make) on the type of tattoo design you would like. Are you interested in Celtic designs? Tribal? Something girly? Or aggressive? A tiger or a dragon tattoo perhaps? Check out websites that offer free tattoo designs or you can visit your local tattoo artist for flash designs. For custom designs, the process may take several hours stretched over a period of days. If you want a portrait done, do take note and understand that there are some designs or photos that may not look as good when recreated as a tattoo.

* Where particularly in your body would you like to have it done? Keep in mind that there how big or small the tattoo is dependent on the particular body part you would like to have it done on.

* Would you go for a big design or a discreet dainty tattoo instead? If a tattoo is very small, some colors may come out blurry.

* Is there a particular color that you would like to have done on your tattoo?

It is normal that you would have to look at literally, thousands and thousands of tattoo designs before you could come across the design that will suit you the best. If you are undecided on whether a design would really work for you, try printing a design and stencil it and then try to see if it will look good on you.